Guest post: Changye at the FEBS-MPST 2013 Advanced Lecture Course, Kos, Greece

There is a new rule in the lab: anyone going to a conference has to write a guest blog post for Rapha-z-lab. Elena Colangelo inaugurated the genre here. This post is by Changye Sun, PhD student co-supervised with Dave Fernig.

The conference was mainly about the components of ECM, such as Syndecan, HS and HA. Each talk was about the details of few components, so, for me, it was still hard to put them together. But it’s really worth to learn about the existence and functions of these matrix substances. Therefore, more homework is required to be done to build the matrix view in my mind.

The poster presentation was wonderful, although most people went to the swimming pool or on the beach. The whole presentation lasted for about 3 hours, and over 12 people, as far as I can remember, came around to me to want an explanation and/ or to have a discussion. All of them, I would say, were interested in our work, even though none of them are from the same area with us. And, a nice American microscopist, Peter Friedl (used to be Germany) who studies about the cell migration, also came to talk to me about our work and he felt our imaging result is very impressive.

At the same time, I told them that we might try to use quantum dots to do wide field imaging with super resolution microscopy, which is more interesting but also more challenging for us.

Finally, I would say it was a fantastic meeting in Kos, not only because of the conference but also because of the food, drink and people we met.

Changye presenting his poster at the FEBS meeting

Changye presenting his poster at the FEBS meeting

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