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Ferniglab Blog has posts on various aspects including the issues of data sharing and re-use of data.

5/12/2012; Alan Dove: Do These Stripes Make My Nanoparticles Look Weird?

14/12/2012; nanoscale views (Douglas Natelson): a nano controversy

20/12/2012; Ben Goldacre’s other blog, Peculiar activity at Nature Materials…

8/04/2013; Philip Moriarty at the Physics Focus blog: ARE FLAWS IN PEER REVIEW SOMEONE ELSE’S PROBLEM?

23/10/2013; Chembark does not discuss the stripy controversy, but excellent post + we meet Nanonymous (yeah!) and Bloggersaretimewasters (duh…)  in the comments; Response to ACS Nano Editorial on Reporting Misconduct

4/01/2014; Neuroskeptic; Science Is Interpretation

6/01/2014; lookingatnothing; Applied metrology example from literature, and new new-year’s SAXS resolutions

27/01/2014; Neuroskeptic: Postpublication “Cyberbullying” and the Professional Self

03/02/2014; Philip Moriarty at the IOP Physics Focus blog: Peer review in public: rise of the cyber-bullies?

10/02/2014; Cyrus Mody (historian of science at Rice University) at the Leaping Robot blog: Checks and Stripes

14/09/2014; Julian Stirling, How can we trust scientific publishers with our work if they won’t play fair?

19/09/2014; maneesh, Copyright as Censorship in Science: Striped Nanoparticle Edition

25/09/2014 Kevin Smith, Scholarly Communication @ Duke: Are fair use and open access incompatible?

11/10/2014; Julian Stirling, When it comes to scientific publishers, I just don’t know who to trust anymore

19/11/2014 Damian Pattinson and Cameron Neylon, at the PloS Blog: The Rights Stuff: Copyright, Scientific Debate, and Reuse



5/12/2012, Chemistry World, Simon Hadlington: Striped nanoparticle controversy blows up

10/01/2013, Times Higher Education, Paul Jump: Slow is no way to go, argues researcher

21/01/2013, MaterialsToday; David Bradley: Have nanoparticles lost their stripes?

14/02/2013, Chemistry World, Mathias Brust: Safeguarding science against falsehood demands debate

23/01/2014, Times Higher Education; Paul Jump: Stellacci ‘stripy nanoparticle’ dispute heats up

24/01/2014, Science, Robert F Service: Nano-Imaging Feud Sets Online Sites Sizzling

26/05/2014, Chemical and Engineering News, Lauren K Wolf, Big Tussle Over Tiny Particles

05/06/2014, Physics World,  Jon Cartwright, Nanoscience debate rages on

25/09/2014, Times Higher Education; Paul Jump: Publisher’s restrictive copyright stifles debate on stripy nanoparticles


Primary literature:

Cesbron, Y., Shaw, C., Birchall, J., Free, P., & Lévy, R. (2012). Stripy Nanoparticles Revisited, Small DOI: 10.1002/smll.201001465

2 comments on PubPeer

Yu, M., & Stellacci, F. (2012). Response to “Stripy Nanoparticles Revisited” Small DOI: 10.1002/smll.201202322

1 comment on PubPeer

Stirling, J., Lekkas, I., Sweetman, A., Djuranovic, P., Guo, Q., Granwehr, J., Lévy, R., Moriarty P., (2013) Critical assessment of the evidence for striped nanoparticles arXiv:1312.6812

Stirling J, Lekkas I, Sweetman A, Djuranovic P, Guo Q, Pauw B, et al. (2014) Critical Assessment of the Evidence for Striped Nanoparticles. PLoS ONE 9(11): e108482. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0108482

Ong QK, Stellacci F (2015) Response to “Critical Assessment of the Evidence for Striped Nanoparticles”. PLoS ONE 10(11): e0135594. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0135594

PubPeer, the online journal club:


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