The Science News Cycle

The paper demonstrated…

… particle targeting and localization in subcutaneous murine xenograft models using human colorectal cancer cell models. Subsequent laser treatment resulted in effective cell killing as observed by the reduction of tumor volume and confirmed by H&E assessment. Localized HNPs were detected in xenografted tumor by MR imaging, suggesting the potential uses of these hybrid nanoparticles for therapy and for non-invasive imaging diagnostic applications.

The journal tagged the article as being of…


The press release announced that…

Comparable to nano-scale Navy Seals, Cornell scientists have merged tiny gold and iron oxide particles to work as a team, then added antibody guides to steer the team through the bloodstream toward colorectal cancer cells. And in a nanosecond, the alloyed allies then kill the bad guys – cancer cells – with absorbed infrared heat.

This scenario is not science fiction – welcome to a medical reality.


The above is not satire (satire is more fun, see below, and here). It could be described charitably as mis-communication, or, more accurately as completely misleading. It is not *at all* a medical reality (not even at the stage of clinical trials), the treatment does not kill the cells in nanoseconds, etc.

“Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham


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