#Scicomm tips

One of the nice things on twitter is people regularly pointing out to resources on how to communicate science effectively (be it through posters at conferences, powerpoint, twitter, etc). I will use this page to bookmark those links.

Lay writing

How to write for a lay audience? Storify by Mark Loch


Better posters, a resource for improving poster presentations by Zen Faulkes

Designing conference posters by Colin Purrington

Slides and presentation

8 tips for an awesome powerpoint presentation by @damonify

Digital slideshows are the scourge of higher education by Rebecca Schuman

Lots of food for thought with these presentation tips by Zen Faulkes (also available as an ebook at Amazon)

Giving a scientific talk? Check this excellent & extensive list of tips by John R Hutchinson: “Advice on Presenting Talks at Scientific Conferences” and this more tongue in cheek  18 tips for a really horrible presentation (via Retraction Watch).


How to write a scientific abstract in six easy steps by Steve Easterbrook

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