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August 2014: From left to right, Elena Colangelo, Dan Nieves, Marie Held, Raphaël Lévy, David Mason, Changye Sun and Joan Comenge. This image is an example of data manipulation: Elena is in fact in Singapore (we don’t do this in publications!).


Elena Colangelo:  PhD student co-supervised by Martin Volk in collaboration with David Paramelle (Singapore, IMRE) and Michael Sullivan (Singapore, IHPC)

Daniel Nieves: after a PhD co-supervised with Dave Fernig (funded by MRC) working on single nanoparticle imaging, he is working as a post-doctoral researcher on superparamagnetic nanoparticles for cell tracking (EPSRC grant).

Marie Held: After a PhD in Bionano Engineering in Liverpool with Dan Nicolau (who is now at McGill), she did a first post-doc in Southampton with Jonathan West (microfluidics). She joined us as a post-doc as part of the UK regenerative medicine platform. She focuses on 3D imaging of tissues with light sheet microscopy.

David Mason: After a PhD in Membrane Biology in Toronto with Sergio Grinstein, he obtained a Marie Curie Fellowship that he held in the Centre for Human Virology, in Birmingham, UK (mentor Jane McKeating). He joined us as part of the Liverpool Imaging Partnership grant. He supports users of the Centre for Cell Imaging with their advanced needs in Image Analysis and he develops super resolution optical fluctuation imaging.

Changye Sun: PhD student working on the interactions of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) with the cell matrix; co-supervised by Dave Fernig.

Joan Comenge: After a PhD in Biomedicine with Victor Puntes at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Joan was Visiting Researcher at the Radiation Biology Group (led by Prof. Kevin Prise) at the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (Belfast, UK) and also worked as a researcher for the start-up Nanotargeting.



Anthony Ifon is a master student working on nanoparticle microinjection.


Umbreen Shaheen has recently obtained her PhD and is now working on another project in collaboration with Patricia Murray.


October 2012; from left to right, Changye Sun, Dan Nieves, Raphael Levy, Lara Bogart, Anthony Ifon, Elena Colangelo, Alexandra Vaideanu and Umbreen Shaheen


Photo, December 2011, from left to right: Lara, Daniel, Yann, Chris, Raphael and Umbreen


February 2010

From left to right: <!–[endif]–>Daniel, Raphael, Simao, Yann, Chris and Umbreen