Multimodal cell tracking by combining gold nanorods and reporter genes (webinar)

Toni Plagge and myself did a webinar (organised by Ithera Medical) yesterday. It mostly covers these two papers:


Nanoparticles for Cell Tracking 2015

The UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) Safety Hub is hosting Nanoparticles for Cell Tracking, 21-22 September 2015 at the University of Liverpool (Foresight Centre).

Date: 21-22 September 2015
Start time: 09:30
End time: 17:30
Location: The symposium will take place at the Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool, 1 Brownlow Street, Liverpool L69 3GL.

Open to:

  • Academia
  • Business/industry

Contact: For more information contact Claire Hutchinson,

The UKRMP Safety Hub was established alongside a further four Hubs to address the number of developmental challenges which need to be overcome to successfully translate promising discoveries in the field of regenerative medicine for the benefit of patients. To ensure research connects seamlessly from discovery science through to clinical and commercial application, BBSRC, EPSRC and MRC together formed the UKRMP across UK universities and research institutions. Cell tracking with nanoparticles is a major component of the Safety Hub.

The meeting will include significant time for discussions regarding the achievements, potential, and limitations of nanoparticles for cell tracking and the implications with respect to stem cell tracking in animal models and humans.

Speakers currently confirmed include:

Prof Andrew Tsourkas, Assistant Director of Program in Targeted Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania; Developing contrast agents for molecular imaging and cell tracking applications
Prof Kostas Kostarelos, Head of Nanomedicine Lab, University of Manchester; Title TBC
Prof Quentin Pankhurst, Director of Institute of Biomedical Engineering, UCL; Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles
Prof Philip Blower, Chair of Imaging Chemistry, Kings College London;Cell tracking with radionuclides, both direct and reporter gene approaches
Prof Jason Davis, University of Oxford; Resonant contrast agents
Dr Tammy Kalber, Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging, UCL;Magnetic Targeting and multi-modal imaging
Dr James Dixon, UKRMP Acellular Hub, University of Nottingham;Enhanced delivery of functional molecules into cells
Dr Neill Liptrott, University of Liverpool; Compatibility of nanomaterials with the immunological and haematological systems
Dr Bill Shingleton, GE Healthcare; Title TBC
Dr Gabriela Juarez Martinez, Knowledge Transfer Network; Title TBC

We are accepting abstracts for both oral and poster presentations; if you would like to submit an abstract please follow the instructions on the guidance document and send to no later than30th June 2015.

Those who are successful will be notified and required to register for the meeting. Registration will open shortly after the Abstract Submission deadline.