Marie Curie

Multimodal cell tracking by combining gold nanorods and reporter genes (webinar)

Toni Plagge and myself did a webinar (organised by Ithera Medical) yesterday. It mostly covers these two papers:


Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The European Framework Programme 7 has a number of opportunities for young researchers under the Marie Curie programme.

In particular, there is the IEF and the IIF (they are not called “post-doctoral” Fellowships, but effectively are).

The IEF (Intra-European Fellowship) is for researchers based in EU Member States or Associated Countries with a doctoral degree or at least 4 years’ full-time research experience. Generally, you must carry out the project on the premises of a host organisation in an EU or Associated Country other than your own.

The IIF (International Incoming Fellowship) is for researchers moving from Third Countries to EU Member States or Associated Countries. To apply, you must have either a doctoral degree or at least 4 years’ full-time research experience, after obtaining a degree permitting you to embark on a doctorate. But that is the minimum. The more experience you have, the better will be your chances of being accepted for this action.

These applications need to be written in collaboration between a candidate and a host lab.  If you are interested by joining the lab and applying to one of the above, get in touch.

The calls have been published last month and the deadline for submitting the application is the 11th of August. I will decide by the end of May which candidate I support in the application process for both schemes.