Looking for a beautiful PhD?

Scientific research can be dispiriting at times, when experiments won’t work and even the coffee machine decides not to cooperate. And I can’t promise such times won’t happen in this project ever.

But, in addition to great science and collaboration with an active and interesting industrial partner, this PhD is about beautiful images (full of informative scientific content that we will exploit of course!). In preliminary work which form the basis of this collaborative project, Aurelia Bioscience Matt Vassey prepared samples which were imaged by Marie Held with our light sheet microscope in the Centre for Cell Imaging:


Human-induced Pluripotent Stem Cells growing on an electrospun scaffold. Sample prepared by Matt Vassey (Aurelia Bioscience Ltd, Nottingham), imaging by Marie Held (Institute of Integrative Biology, Liverpool)

You can find the formal advert here:

Our understanding of the biology of the cell has been informed by decades of studies of cells growing in two-dimensional cell layers. Real biological systems however are 3-dimensional and it has become clear that there are significant differences in terms of gene expression and response to treatments. This project explores new opportunities for growing and imaging cells in 3 dimensions and their impact on the biology of the cell. It offers an array of opportunities to the student for scientific development and close collaboration between an academic and industrial partnership. The extensive multidisciplinary nature of the project would involve interaction with biologists, materials scientists, biophysicists, pharmacologists and industrial biotechnologists and would suit an ambitious applicant with a strong interest in technology development and biotechnology.

At this stage, you should, either apply by sending me an email explaining why you are interested with your CV attached (yes, I know it is obvious, but still), or, help me find a lucky enthusiastic student for this project! [unfortunately, nationality/residency funding conditions apply]. Deadline for application is 12/02, however, apply as soon as possible!

Other things we do in the group here.

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