Interactive tools for teaching

I attended a teaching training session today. Here are the notes taken by Violaine Sée (who also attended). Feel free to suggest other tools in the comments below.


1. Padlet: alternative to post it note, record of engagement, visual record. Sign up, then get a discussion wall. Can be used to get ideas floating from students, answering a question etc. Be careful they might want to post silly things.

Can be used to share resources for film making for example, and then people can add their own.

2. Todaysmeet
Backchannel chat platform.
Create a room either for single session or entire module.
Set guidelines before you start.
Useful to get fast feedback or questions during the lecture or end of the lecture.
Only micro messages. You can embed the link into vital, so the discussion is recorded.

3. Voicethread
On line discussion. Upload a document and then people can contribute. Good for peer assessment. Better for smaller discussion. Upload their videos. Others can make Audio or text comment at specific points in the video. Need to register for posting. Can only post 5 items at a time for commenting (in the free version). Can be used to provide feedback?

Zaption: can upload YouTube videos and then allow for commenting.

4. Polleverywhere text wall
Good for obtaining thoughts and feeling of students. Multiple ways students can respond: web interface, text message Free account is limited to 40 responses.
Possible to display wall answers live but also nice word cloud representation of multiple answers.


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