Update from PloS One

The publication of Julian Stirling et al, submitted in December 2013 to PloS One, has been held for more than two months over copyright issues.

In a comment at Julian’s blog, PloS One editor Damian Pattinson explains why PloS One is inflexible with their use of the CCBY licence:

Hi Julian,
First of all, I’m sorry for how long this is taking, but I want to assure you that it is top priority for us.
We want to ensure that your paper is fully re-usable, mineable, machine-readable etc. That is central to our mission as open-access publishers.
To do this, we need the whole article to be fully CC-BY, not CC-BY-except-for-where-we-say-it’s-not. Adding exemptions like that will make the whole corpus unstable for things like data mining (and whatever else the future brings), and devalue your paper and the others we publish. That’s the reason we are trying to obtain permission.
We are *this* close to getting this sorted, so I ask that you just bear with us a little longer.
Damian (from PLOS ONE)

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