How can we trust scientific publishers with our work if they won’t play fair?

Julian Stirling:

I am angry. Very, very angry. Personally I have never liked how scientific journals charge us to read the research that we produce, and that we review for them free of charge. But that is another debate for another day. What I really hate is how they abuse this power to stifle debate in the name of their business interests. This is now going to dramatically affect the quality of a paper into which I poured a huge amount of effort – a critique of the (lack of) evidence for striped nanoparticles. (More information can be found here and here.)

The oft-repeated mantra is that science is inherently self-correcting, as all science is up for debate. In theory this is true.

Read it all here.

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  1. Truly saddened to hear that reusing the images has not been resolved yet with either the ACS or Wiley. This whole situation is unbelievably disheartening, I don’t understand given the whole situation is “routine” according to NPG.

    Please do not give up yet, many admire your persistence throughout this entire matter.

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