Lectures (video) on nanomedicine & nanoparticles for imaging

The Summer School on Nanomedicine and Innovation took place this week at Tel Aviv University. I was very honored to be one of the invited lecturers. The lectures were recorded and can now be seen here (Silverlight needed) or below (Youtube). As usual, comments welcome, here or at Youtube!


  1. The ms was re-submitted after minor revisions on 10/07. We have received today another minor revision request (none of it is about the science). It will be resubmitted today.


  2. On recent nanoparticle paper press release:


    I hope I am not missing something obvious, but the line from the press release:

    “Gold nanoparticles used for drug delivery are usually coated with a thin layer of molecules that help tune their chemical properties.”

    is bothersome, no? It suggests that gold nanoparticles are used to clinically deliver drugs (they don’t say “drug delivery research”). I am almost certain that this is completely false, but I will wait for someone to confirm before I vent these bubbling magma chambers of internet rage.


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