9th of May is Open Access day at the IIB

I am delighted to announce that we will have two external speakers on the 9th of May:

Stephen Curry, Open Access for Academics – the problems and the potential

Michelle Brook,  The cost of academic publishing


The talks will take place from noon in LT2, Biological Sciences building. They will be followed by sandwiches and discussions in the common room. University Librarian Phil Sykes will join us too (see him talking about open access here).
At 2 pm, IIB academics will also be invited to a University of Liverpool open access roadshow (SR6). See below for details.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is Professor of structural biology at Imperial College London. He is an open access advocate. He blogs at the Reciprocal Space and at the Guardian. You can find him on Twitter@Stephen_Curry.


Michelle Brook

Michelle Brook blogs at Quantumplations and works with the Open Knowledge Foundation where she recently published a blog about the cost of academic publishing. You can find her on Twitter @MLBrook.



* University of Liverpool Open Access roadshow

Presentations from the library (Martin Wolf) and Research Policy (Jane Rees) will explain current funder requirements for OA, and explain how the new institutional repository can help make your publications OA compliant. In addition, we will be high-lighting some of the issues to be considered in developing an Institutional Policy on Open Access. There will be time for questions during the session.

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