The Science of the Research Protocol: Principal Investigator Meetings with the Research Team

Better be more consistent with my lab meetings now that I have re-blogged this excellent post…

Research Integrity

Efforts towards improving integrity in biomedical research have often ignored the environmental, research protocol management aspects that provide the “opportunity” for misconduct (Adams and Pimple, Accountability in Research 12(3):225-240,2005).

> At times this has been an intentional oversight.

Not long after I began work in the Cell Biology Ph.D. program at the University of Vermont in 1988, it became evident that a Post—Doc with whom I was working, Eric T. Poehlman, was not following some basic practices vital to scientific research.  Some of these poor practices have not been addressed in the investigations and reviews of the misconduct for which Poehlman later plead guilty.  Nor have they been adequately dealt with in research integrity publications and communications in general.

The single biggest factor allowing for Poehlman’s data fabrication and falsification was the absence of weekly meetings of the Principal Investigator with the research team.  Duringmeetings all staff, clinical and…

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