Update on Nature Publishing Group reality check

In this previous post, I reported a failure of NPG to enforce its on policy on data sharing and concluded:

A charitable interpretation of this silence is that they are busy reconsidering their views and preparing a plan of action. I leave it to the [uncharitable] reader to propose other interpretations of this silence.

It would seem that you (my readers) are all charitable since no one has commented… and you were right: Vincent Dusastre, Chief Editor of Nature Materials, has written today to Philip Moriarty to inform him that “Prof. Stellacci […] will be releasing and sharing all the data and microscopy images on his papers (Nature Mat. 3, 330, 2004 and 11, 978, 2012) within the next two weeks”.

More in two weeks time?

Update (of the update): Times Higher Education, 02/05/2013 “Physicist: data opacity belies journal’s transparency



  1. I was shocked to read the previous response from Nature editor. Hopefully things will move to the right direction from here. Thank you for keeping us updated. This is an interesting case indeed.


      1. You are very generous: it is day or so late if you take the last promise made. The data were however requested five months ago and they are five months late.


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