BishopBlog asks: Blogging as post-publication peer review: reasonable or unfair?

An excellent question certainly relevant to Rapha-z-lab. Criticized authors tend to think it is unfair.

Some colleagues/students think that it is fair, but unreasonable (waste of time, etc).

Dorothy Bishop makes a strong case that it is both reasonable and fair; excerpt:

Finally, a comment on whether it is fair to comment on a research article in a blog, rather than going through the usual procedure of submitting an article to a journal and having it peer-reviewed prior to publication. The authors’ reactions to my blogpost are reminiscent of Felicia Wolfe-Simon’s response to blog-based criticisms of a papershe published in Science: “The items you are presenting do not represent the proper way to engage in a scientific discourse”.

Read all of it, here.

On Twitter, Sophie Scott comments:

Indeed. Six papers in Nature journals, one in Science, PNAS, JACS, etc, and nanoparticles can still loose their stripes!


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