Poster competition winners (Biol 400 #teaching)

A great event today with the Biol 400 students presenting their posters on a variety of topics. Two best poster prizes were awarded, one by the students and one by the judges (thanks to Kayla, Andy, Luning, Raj, Tom, Gerraint, Pryank, Anne and Louisa for helping!).

The prize awarded by the students went to poster 3 ‘Cancer Stem Cells’, presented by Becca, Beth, Harriet and Yinjie

Cancer Stem Cells Student prize

Cancer Stem Cells Student prize

The prize awarded by the judges went to poster 9 ‘Invading Your Space with Quantum Dots’ presented by Emma,  Liam,  Sarah and Yunfei.

Judges prize


Congratulations to the winners and to all the others for great posters and discussions.

Please add your comments and feedback below!











  1. I don’t think the marking was 100% fair; some markers were much harsher than others (I heard Dr Levy grilling people quite intensely, while all our markers were absolutely lovely). I think it needed one or two people who spent less time at each poster but saw all of them to moderate the marks.


    1. Hi Anon – intense grilling does not mean lower marks! [I am a bit jealous about the other lovely markers though :)]
      Each poster will have been marked thrice so there is some built in moderation; if there is discrepancy between the markers, we can look back at the posters/pdf to moderate.

      Thanks for the comment!


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