Event: The Invisible Fraction: viability selection on gender equality in Biology

Monday 11th February, 1 pm

Dr Rhonda Snook, University of Sheffield

“The Invisible Fraction: viability selection on gender equality in Biology”

Lecture Theatre 3, Life Sciences Building

sandwiches and refreshments will be available in the Life Sciences Common Room from 12:00

Abstract: Women are under-represented in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). This under-representation increases from A levels to professor level and has been dubbed the “leaky pipeline”. Using the evolutionary analogy of the “invisible fraction” and viability selection, I’ll describe where the leaks are (i.e., where viability selection is the strongest), discuss some reasons for the leaks and why both females and males should care about solving the leak. The ultimate goal is to provide some ideas for potential solutions, particularly at the academic level. Come for an interactive discussion!

Short bio: Dr Rhonda Snook is a Reader in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Sheffield. Her research interests are in the evolution of reproductive strategies. She also has a keen interest in supporting, and increasing the number of, women in science. She is currently Vice Chair of the Women’s Network at The University of Sheffield and played a critical role in drafting Athena Swan submissions for both her department and University.

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