Have Nanoparticles Lost Their Stripes? – David Bradley

A good overview of the current state of development of the controversy at the Materialstoday blog.

Towards the end of the piece:

According to a comment from Moriarty on the Jump’s TLS article online, Pep Pàmies, an associated editor at Nature Materials, posted several comments on Lévy’s blog in support of the decision to publish Stellacci’s original paper. There are now at least a couple of dozen comments on the TLS article itself. If only there were some centralised system for pulling all the arguments together and perhaps tying them to the original papers from Stellacci and from Lévy. Perhaps we will one day see such a development in web 3.0. Meanwhile, we still don’t know for sure whether those gold nanoparticles are stripy or not!

I am trying to keep – maybe not all arguments – but at least links to all the blogs/articles here. If I am missing some, please let me know.

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