Chemistry World covers stripes controversy

Simon Hadlington writes:

A prickly controversy has erupted in the rarefied world of nanoscience revolving around the strength of the evidence that molecules can assemble themselves into discrete stripes around gold nanoparticles. The issue highlights the difficulty of interpreting images of nanoscale objects.

Read on.


One comment

  1. 1. Can you post a pdf of the FS response? I don’t have academic access. Wiley has your paper up for free, but not the response.

    2. I also found one of the comments at the Chem World article interesting. Person says ‘why wasn’t a 100% ligand particle imaged as a control’? This doesn’t even require super STM level knowledge. Just basic insights from first year lab classes. We are talking about very fundamental principles of experimental science. Nature Publishing Group seems to have a long, long practice of hype science, rather than sound exploration of materials. 😦


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