IIB seminar series 2011-2012

Update (21/11) : the seminar on the 12th of December (Nic Smith) has been cancelled.

Institute of Integrative Biology seminar series (SCB/BCB/FCG/PS)

 SCB: Structural and Chemical Biology

BCB: Biochemistry and Cell Biology

FCG: Functional and Comparative Genomics

PS: Plant Science

The seminars will take place every Monday at 1pm in LT2

24/10/2011     Dr Chris Bakal, Institute of Cancer Research, London

Using Computer Vision and Functional Genomics to Study Signalling on a System-level; host: Daimark Bennett

31/10/2011     Dr Luminita Paraoan, Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, Liverpool

Is age-related macular degeneration a mistrafficking disease? The cystatin C scenario; host: Raphaël Lévy

7/11/2011       Prof Charlie Hodgman, Multidisciplinary Centre for Integrative Biology, Nottingham        Hormone Mediated Changes of Organ Growth and Morphology; host: Rob Beynon

14/11/2011     Dr Julian Hibberd, Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge

Mechanisms underlying the polyphyletic evolution of C4 photosynthesis; host: James Hartwell

21/11/2011     Prof John Fazakerley, Institute for Animal Health

TBC, host: Bahram Ebrahimi

28/11/2011     Dr KJ Patel, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

Protecting against the genotoxic consequences of naturally produced reactive aldehydes, host: Nigel Jones

5/12/2011       Dr Ralf Richter, CIC Biomagune, Spain

Biomolecular Hydrogels – from supramolecular organization and dynamics to biological function, host: Raphaël Lévy

12/12/2011     Cancelled

If you wish to meet the speaker during his/her visit, please contact the host.


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