Travel awards for Bionano@Nice-2011

The following young scientists have been awarded a €500.00 award to participate to Bionano@Nice-2011. The awards are sponsored by the University of Liverpool and by the Company of Biologists.

Alfredo Ambrosone, Italy, Interfacing CdTe Quantum Dots with living organisms: uptake, biodistribution and toxicological impact

Philip Bardelang, UK, Versatile multifunctional apoferritin nanoparticles for deep-tissue imaging and drug delivery

Miguel Cavadas, Portugal, Influence of Plasma Proteins on a Gold Nanoparticle ImmunoAssay for Malaria Diagnostics

Jashmini Deka, India, Interacting Gold Nanoparticles and Proteins in Protein Sensing and Diagnostics

Stefania Federici, Italy, Protein Molecular Switch Driven Microcantilevers

Christine Heinecke, USA, Structural Basis for Ligand Exchange: Progress Toward Artificial Proteins

Isaac Ojea Jiménez, Spain, Cationic Gold Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

Zeljka Krpetic, UK, Gold nanoparticle-glucose/galactose binding protein-based colorimetric sensor for selective and rapid detection of glucose

Si Yue Li, Hong-Kong, Synthesis and Characteristics of Bimetallic Core-Shell Ag-Au Nanoflowers as SERS-tag

Joonhyuck Park, Korea, Highly Sensitive and Multiplexed Bioassays by Signal Amplifications of Targets Using Anti-fouling Streptavidin-biotin QD Conjugate Pairs

Helena de Puig Guixé, USA, Control of blood clotting using gold nanorods

Leonor Soares, Portugal, Gold nanotriangles for LSPR detection of tyrosinase/antigen binding

Tetiana Serdiuk, Russia, Fluorescent sic nanoparticles for imaging of healthy (sg) and cancer (hsc) human epithelial cells

Bhupendra B. Srivastava, India, Doping Cu in Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Some Old and Some New Physical Insights

Ana Trapaidze, France, Two aptamer-based hydrodynamic assay for protein detection

Stefan Wilhem, Germany, Up-conversion emitting, superparamagnetic hybrid nanoparticles with Fe3O4 core and NaYF4:Yb,Er shell for sensor applications


fluorescent sic nanoparticles for imaging of healthy (sg) and cancer (hsc) human epithelial cells[RL1]




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