Submission of abstracts is now open!

for the spring 2011 e-MRS conference, and, in particular, for our symposium on Bionanomaterials for imaging, sensing and actuating

You can (and should!) submit abstracts here.

The deadline for abstract submission is the 14th of January.



  1. We have developed a gold nanoshell technology for the delivery of RNAi, drugs and proteins into cells and animals with spatio-temporal control. Near infra-red lasers induce the release of thiol-appended cargoes from the nanoshells, thereby affording time and spatial control over release. Our initial applications have been with RNAi and the release into human cancer cells as well as nematodes. This technology has both basic research and biomedical applications.

    Another technology we have developed is the use of solid metal nanoparticles that are appended with tumor-binding peptides. The selective removal from circulating blood of these particles versus control particles with non-targeting peptides in animals using ICP-mass spectrometry requires only 1-5 uL of sampling and provides a possible early cancer detection technology.


    1. Hi Norbert

      Sounds great and relevant but please note the link in the post above: you need to submit the abstract on the E-MRS website, not as a comment on my blog.

      Hope to meet you in Nice


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