Science in the bar: Nanotechnology

SciBar is simple: each month we invite a scientist or specialist to give a short and informative presentation about their area of research or expertise. We enjoy a couple of drinks, ask questions and discuss the ideas raised. It is free, open to all and on the first Tuesday in the month.

Well, next month I am the “scientist or specialist”… Please join and participate in the discussion!


Tuesday 2nd February 7.30pm

Ship & Mitre 113 Dale Street Liverpool

Nanotechnology often makes headlines with extraordinary potential benefits along with extraordinary potential risks. Dr Raphaël Lévy will explain what is special about “nano” and discuss some real and science-fiction applications. Is it going to cure cancer and provide eternal life, or is it going to destroy the planet? Come along and find out what huge impacts this tiny technology could have.

You can download the poster here.


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