Chemical Research in Toxicology highlight

A third highlight for our article on cellular uptake and fate of nanoparticle bioconjugates: after Nano Today and Nature Nanotechnology, Chemical Research in Toxicology editor Carol A Rouzer writes:

Nanoscience is generating considerable excitement by offering a diversity of new materials with a wide range of potential applications in chemistry, engineering, and biomedicine. However, the explosion of new nanoparticles raises concern regarding their environmental impact and potential toxicity. Many studies have investigated the toxicity of nanoparticles with emphasis on the influence of size, shape, and surface functionalization. However, it is important not only to describe which nanomaterials are toxic but also to understand their mechanisms of toxicity, a goal that requires a full understanding of how nanoparticles interact with cells. To that end Sée et al. [(2009) ACS Nano3, 2461] have explored the fate of peptide-coated gold nanoparticles in cells.

Read the rest here.


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