Nano Today highlight

Cordelia Sealy, News and Opinion Editor at Nano Today writes:
Most nanoparticles for biological and medical applications are functionalized with surface peptides and proteins. But what happens to this layer inside cells is of crucial importance to their ability to target specific types or areas of cells and trigger a response.

Researchers from the Universities of Liverpool and Bordeaux think that they may have found the answer [V. Seé et al., ACS Nano 3 (2009) 2461]. Using three types of microscopy, including transmission electron microscopy, the British and French researchers looked at the localization of nanoparticles in cells and the integrity of a surface protein layer.
The piece also includes a quote from Vincent Rotello:
‘‘This degradation is an important issue since most nanomaterials enter the cell via endocytosis,’’ says Vince Rotello of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. ‘‘Those of us looking to control intracellular localization of nanoparticles will have to go back to the drawing board.’’

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