Speak up, scientists

Frank Gannon editorial in Embo reports describes all these things which have been happening “on our watch: the ruin of the environment, humanitarian disasters, dwindling resources and the financial crash“.

He asks hard questions about our responsibilities as scientists and concludes with a call for engagement:

There are major challenges ahead and business as usual is no longer good enough. There is an increasing need for courage in the scientific community to both speak up and propose measures, however unpopular in the short-term, to bring about systemic change. We, as scientists, also need to become politically engaged as experts in the political world, rather than poking fun at and ridiculing it. We need to talk to the public directly, convince them of the evidence and present possible solutions to get us out of this mess. More importantly though, it is a time to reflect on how we have contributed to the current system failure and what we can do to help society recover from it. It is still our watch and we can make change happen.

Another type of call for action here: The Age of Stupid at FACT


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