Young scientists

Nuffield Science Bursaries offer up to 1000 funded places a year, so that students across the UK can get an insight into the world of scientific research and development, including areas of technology, engineering and maths. This summer, Sophie, Craig, and Kirsty joined our lab for ~ 5 weeks. Sophie and Kirsty looked at the activity of enzymes on nanoparticles using a fluorescence assay, while Craig looked at the self-assembly of peptides in solution and at the surface of nanoparticles.

Last week, they, as well the other  ~ 100 Nuffield Science Bursaries holders in the North-West, presented their work in a poster format to a crowd composed of families, scientists, prospective students, etc. It was an event where shared excitement about science, knowledge and discovery was the main link between participants resulting in a unique and inspiring atmosphere.

Craig, Sophie and Kirsty

Craig, Sophie and Kirsty at the North West Nuffield Bursary Evening


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