Neuroskeptic: Postpublication “Cyberbullying” and the Professional Self

@Neuroskeptic writes:

The Science piece describes two controversies. Controversy #1 is the scientific question of the reality of those stripes. That is not the topic of this post.

Controversy #2 surrounds the way that Controversy #1 has been conducted. Stellacci’s critics say that they’re engaging in post-publication peer review of Stellacci et al’s claims. Stellacci, however, has described their criticisms as ‘cyberbullying‘:

Food for thought for anyone involved, or thinking about getting involved, in post-publication peer review, read it here.

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One thought on “Neuroskeptic: Postpublication “Cyberbullying” and the Professional Self

  1. The bullying meme, power of suggestion, and despair at finding out one has built a series of publications on a mistake (and unwillingness to engage and really check things).

    P.s. Psychology is looking better than nanoscience. Even psychologists would laugh at the idea that only the originating lab or hand-picked collaborators were allowed to do replication.

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